Hard//Hoofd asked me to draw an illustration to accompany a beautiful story by Ferry Wieringa. About the regulars at a small bar.

Bad hare day. Made this illustration for a t-shirt company who sells t-shirts with art from artist all over the world.

Wim Brands 1959 - 2016

Made this for an exhibition in Groningen. 'Illustratie 57'. The theme was; Menmade

Part of a series about Groceries 1/4

For hard//hoofd I made antoher illustration for a story by Ferrry Wieringa. About rush hour at a chinese restaurant

Illustration I made for an exhibition. The theme was; battle

HanzeMagazine asked me to draw an illustration for a quiz about entrepeneurship

For magazine VLOT I made an illustation accompanying a lovely story by Wybe van der Velde

An illustration i made to accompany a beautiful column about Alzheimer's disease

For Jamie Oliver magazine I made a christmas turkey anxiously waiting on what's about to happen

Invitation made for someone's graduation.

Part of a series about Groceries 2/4

HelloFresh asked me to draw a 'how to treat your vegetables and herbs'. This was part of a bigger illustration which got delivered with the HelloFresh Box

Part of a series about Groceries 3/4

HelloFresh asked me to do the lettering for their American, German and Dutch Blogs

For HelloFresh (HelleFreshtival 2014)

Part of a series about Groceries 4/4

Drop the beet

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